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The Arts & Crafts Go to Work in Philadelphia IAC Conference 2012 (this is a large file and may take a few minutes to fully load so please be patient)

Everything on the Table; Will Price's Rose Valley Tables February 2012
STRUTH: “The camera doesn’t know how to lie...” October, 2011
Stars in my Eyes: Vanderbilt Herter Discovered December, 2009
Iz You Iz or Iz You Ain't: Pabst Smear November, 2008
Correcting the Record: Research and Retail Run Amok…Again June, 2008

Regionalism and Modernity: The Arts & Crafts Movement in San Diego and Environs August, 2007

Spooning It On: Art as Entertainment November, 2006
Initiatives in Arts and Culture November, 2006, Minneapolis
Hewnoaks September, 2006: How the University of Maine lost an important piece of Arts and Crafts history.